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3D Printing a Memory for Canada’s 150th Anniversary

As the weekend approaches, people all across the nation will gather to celebrate Canada’s 150th anniversary. This milestone is a time for Canadians to reflect and think of all the beauty this country has to offer from things to do, places to see and people to meet. It is a time to put on your toque, grab a Molson Canadian and sit on your chesterfield and reminisce on how proud you are to be Canadian.

This weekend we want to dive back into Canadian history and honour those before us who helped discover these great lands. In doing so, we plan on canoeing down the French River to the historic site of the Five Finger Rapids. This location is significant as it acted as a major landing point for voyageurs that travelled down from Montreal to Canada’s vast interior. The collaboration with the local indigenous people insighted newcomers on the art of transporting goods and the knowledge learned helped optimize the fur trade that later ensued.

We at Custom Prototypes have designed a plaque to pay tribute to the country’s Indigenous people and will place it on a rock at this historic site. The monument will be made fully out of 3D printed plastic and hand finished it to look like distressed metal.

We will keep an updated blog showcasing the build process and how we plan to harness our 3D printing services to make this project come to fruition.

3d printed canada memorial

map 5 finger rapids French River

5 finger rapids French River