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3D Printing Catches the interest of “Underworld People”

I am sure the term underworld may leave some of you perplexed for a while but before this confusion turns into a headache let me tell you, here I am not talking about gangsters, vampires or any sort of mythical creatures but about real people who know what lies beyond the surface of earth. They are experts in geology, geotechnology, geotechnics to name a few, these are the people from mining industry!

We were pretty surprised when MSTA Canada (mining suppliers trade association) approached us and expressed the interest of their Chilean delegates in visiting Custom Prototypes to know more about our 3D printing service. Even with thorough experience for more than 2 decades, mining was still on our unexplored list. we were in the first place not sure where 3D printing fits into mining. As much as we were excited we were stressed too!

Only after the mining experts arrived and an interactive presentation took place, it was pretty clear that 3D printing and 3D scanning certainly has a lot of scope in mining industry. 3D printing can facilitate the availability of complex parts of machinery and engineering equipment during mining operations, not only can they create 3D models of mining sites for better understanding but also 3D scanning can help with mapping the geology. At this point of time 3D printing depicts a major step forward in mining industry and geology and it doesn’t seem far when this technology will exceptionally streamline the mining industry.


MSTA Canada delegates from Chile at Custom Prototypes