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A day with Students from the colorful city of Guanajuato, Mexico.

As one of the leading provider of 3D printing service, Custom Prototypes understands rapid changes in trends and technologies of manufacturing world and therefore we not only we try to keep our customers updated and informed, we are committed to create awareness and share experience with the future generation leaders in the field. In order to keep our vow we have undertaken introductory tours for groups of professionals, students and individuals time to time.


On 20th April 2018, We hosted a delegation of 42 Mexican students from the beautiful city of Guanajuato and introduced them to Next-Generation 3D printing processes that was more inclined to metal 3D printing. The tour was arranged by Ulinks and GTO gabierno del Estado to involve students in the process of product development and manufacturing innovations, with the most valuable exposure related to the global industry trends and state of the art latest manufacturing practices. The students enthusiastically and actively participated in the presentation that covered the major processes being carried out at Custom Prototypes like CNC Machining, Vacuum forming, reverse engineering and 3D printing. We hope that the visit provided the students with crucial industry insight and exposure.

Students from Mexico