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Dawn of life recreated using 3D printing

Together with the University of Toronto science team Custom Prototypes created a digital and physical model of a prehistoric animal.

The fossil of this animal has been found in early 2022 in Southern Ontario, Canada.

It echoed strongly among the paleontologists community around the World. This extraordinary discovery has the potential to rewrite the natural history of our planet as we know it.

Custom Prototypes undertook the challenge of bringing the animal in its form and colour back to life.

Custom Prototypes chose the SLA 3D printing process to create the physical model.

With its proprietary post processing and finishing techniques Custom Prototypes has won several 3D printing competitions in the past. We have developed a process where we can alter the properties of a 3D printed material to make it hard, soft, transparent, semi-transparent and opaque.

As a result we produced a model of an animal looking exactly the same way as it was walking the Earth some 450 Million’s years ago.

The fossil of Tomlinsonus Dimitrii, as it is known now, has been on display on a “Dawn of Life” exhibition at the Royal Ontario Museum in Toronto.