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Impressing the Press with Metal 3D Printing – Our Success Story

Back in April we kicked off the promotion of our metal 3D printed Roman helmet by uploading pictures to Imgur. Within hours the helmet began to trend eventually leading to over 150,000 views by the next morning.

metal 3D printed Roman Helmet

The viral release lead to many publications writing about the helmet resulting in a lot of traffic being drawn to our post and our website.

We received hundreds of comments and questions from engineers, product designers, model makers and 3D print enthusiasts.

One of our favorites being..

This press showed us just how many industries and people were drawn to the project for their own reasons.

The helmet has since gone on tour over the last couple months and entered two different competitions.

Out of these competitions we managed to place 1st overall at AMUG’s advanced finishing awards and received an honorable mention at the TCT creative application awards..

If anyone wishes to be the one and only owner of this majestic helmet it can be found here on eBay. The listed price is a conservative estimate including design, labour, materials and the metal 3D printing service cost.