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It Has Finally Arrived, Toronto’s First Metal 3D Printing Service

As 3D printing continues to gain popularity, the abundance of household printers and 3D printing services has skyrocketed accordingly. While the resources seem to be available for conventional plastic 3D printing, finding a metal 3D printing service can be quite the challenge. But why is this?

Stainless Steel Metal 3D Printed Parts

(Stainless steel parts showcasing the complexity that is achievable with metal 3D printing technology. This image was taken at Custom Prototype’s design studio in Toronto, ON)

Upon a quick google search you will find an array of companies that state they offer a “metal 3D printing service”. However upon trying to gain further information or even trying to get a quote, it can quickly feel like pulling teeth.

But why are the responses often limited when it comes to metal 3D printing? The truth is this technology is rather new and the machines are very expensive. Not only is cost an issue but the process can add more complications then what most companies would feel is even worth. Unfortunately this has lead a lot of businesses to state they offer the service, but then end up outsourcing their projects overseas without even telling you.

For some time now we have contemplated buying our own metal 3D printer to service local demand and fight these issues. With our core business being rapid prototyping, we utilize various processes to achieve the final product. The benefit of 3D printing has always been its ability to create parts with great complexity without the use of additional tooling or molds. While we continue to utilize this technology everyday, we often run into some obstacles with customers who require metal parts that are too complex for our CNC machines.

This has lead us to proudly announce that Custom Prototype’s has purchased our very own metal 3D printer. We will now have the capabilities to 3D print metal in full stainless steel and offer various post processing finishing options. We are now ready to serve the local community and offer a service that is hard to come by.

If you want more specific details on metal 3D printing or about our machines and services, please feel free to contact us at sales@customprototypes.ca.

Custom Prototypes Metal 3D Printer - Sinteterstaion DM250

(The Sinterstation Pro DM 250 now found at Custom Prototypes lab. The machine can print with various metal powders with a build format up to 25 cubic centimeters)