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Kickstarting innovation with the use of 3D Printing

Promoting a new product has become easier than ever with the access of online crowd funding sites such as Kickstarter, Indiegogo or GoFundMe.

Over the years we have helped many entrepreneurs prepare their proof of concept prototypes in hopes to raise interest and seek that initial investment to help accelerate their products outreach.

This past week we had a customer of ours launch their online Kickstarter campaign showing off a new product designed for young children. Here is the link to their Kickstarter page.

The SteppyTop is a creative multi-functional product that works as a desk, stool and play table all in one lightweight portable unit.

The original SteppyTop prototype was 3D printed in one piece in Somos Evolve. The surface then underwent manual hand sanding followed by multiple coats of primer and paint.

The process of 3D Printing has changed the way we can quickly simulate the appearance and function of a future product. This form of rapid prototyping can give a clear visual of how the product looks and functions before investing in expensive tooling.

Even parts with complex assemblies can harness 3D printing for functional features like hardware housing, cable managment, buttons/knobs etc.

The Aquarius fountain lamp is another Kickstarter project that harnessed our 3D printing services to create custom tubes for their unique desktop lamp.