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Little Heart Heroes Camp At Lake Wabamon, Edmonton, AB.

“It’s not how much we give but how much love we put into giving.” Mother Teresa.

The Vaughn Sawchuk foundation, an organization providing support and contribution to the families of the pediatric cardiac intensive care unit (PCICU) at The Stollery Children’s hospital. The foundation was started in the memory of Vaughn sawchuk by his parents. Vaughn was diagnosed with a rear heart defect Ebstein’s Anomaly and had to undergo more than 6 surgeries within few days of birth. After battling to live for 28 days, the tiny warrior let go of life, leaving his family shattered.

3d printed robot heart

Since then Vaughn Sawchuk foundation is providing support to families and kids going through similar situations. They have been volunteering, arranging events, raising funds and running blood donation camps.

On August 4th, 20 kids with serious heart malfunctions were able to participate in the Little Heart Hero Camp under the supervision of Dr. Chetan and medical staff. It was a day of joy, happiness and freedom, outside the hospital walls for these ailing kids. Vaughn Sawchuk foundation presented campers with gifts and robot hearts, the hearts were 3D printed and donated by Custom Prototypes to support and cherish Vaughn Sawchuk foundation in the noble cause!
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