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Man vs. Machine This Halloween

Custom Prototypes shop in Toronto ON showing pumpkins that have been carved with a CNC machine

This week at Custom Prototypes we were spooked when a customer came in asking us to carve over 50 pumpkins for them. Once the cramps in our hands subsided, we all sat down and began to brainstorm ideas.

CNC machined pumpkins

It wasn’t until we began to explore the possibility of using our CNC machines that made this task feel a lot less haunting.

Our designers prepared the file, our fabricators made the jig to hold the pumpkins and our machinists programmed the robot. Now we were able to sit back, relax, sip on a pumpkin spice latte and watch as the machine did the precision work.

When we weren’t clowning around we averaged to carve each pumpkin in roughly 5 minutes where as the devilish alternative would have taken over 3 hours per pumpkin.

A special thanks goes out to our CNC and 3D printing service equipment that helps our daily tasks become a little less sinister during these scary times.

CNC machined pumpkins

CNC machined pumpkins