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Meet Our Client – ‘The Boys’ Season 3 | As seen on Amazon Prime.

The first time you watch a show on Amazon or Netflix, you possibly just want to be swept away and get caught up in the enthralling adventure. It is only later when it hits you and you start wondering in your head, that you start to cerebrate about it on different levels.

The Boys, Season 3

You start thinking about the various objects, weapons integral to the story, you wonder about cool vehicles, animated figures, the eye-catching costumes. Perhaps you contemplate on how all these props were created to look so real.

Let me tell you how, 3D printing also known as additive manufacturing has been used in theatrics, movies and shows for more than a decade. However, in the last few years the industry has grown to an exponential level and become more mainstream. 3D printing is getting better and better with faster production times, high resolution prints and availability of various materials, all vital to movie making.

Online show and movie production houses sometimes search for specialists outside their studio to seek assistance and skillset required to design and produce the props. Seeking our expertise, we were approached by ‘The Boys’ crew to help them with various props throughout the production time of Season 3. We feel privileged to have brought their prop designs to reality and exhilaration fills us as we watch the props dazzling the show. To our excitement, the crew was back to present us with a token of appreciation. Here you can see what it was – Time to Sock-up folks!