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Power boosting Canadian EV Companies with 3D printing.

With the vision of forming a truly Canadian domestic OEM, AK International Motor corporation was founded in 2012. Being Canada’s first multi-brand Automotive OEM, AK motor has initiated its first Electric vehicle (EV) project.

3D printed car

The EV has been named Maple Majesty and Custom Prototypes has been contracted to produce the first model prototype of this EV using SLA 3D printing technology. The scaled prototype precisely reflects the designer’s vision and language that makes the vehicle look aggressively loud. Maple Majesty is reflecting the genuine persona planned to proudly serve Canadian market.

The Practicality of this EV is at par with its archrivals. Calling it just a sedan does not do justice to its innate sport nature. This EV is inspired by the classic European coupe. Quoting the founder Arkadiusz Kaminski at Driving.ca, ‘’the fact that the concept has a super car proportions doesn’t hurt either, but it all stems from a thorough rethinking of EV packaging’’.

Shifting from the consumer mentality to that of being among the contributors, Kaminski also says “building the Maple Majestic here provides an opportunity for Canada to contribute rather than just consume’’. By employing 3D printing AK Intl. has taken an initiative to be more concerned about the environment meanwhile not compromising at all with the future technology has to offer.

Ever than before Flexibility and innovation is becoming more important in automotive industry, for this reason, additive manufacturing is used throughout the production cycle. Right styling of the vehicle is very essential to its success and it is vital for the designers to be able to experiment with the ideas to measure the overall resilience and compatibility of its components. Once the conceptual design is generated, 3D printing allows tangible design to be created quickly and cost effectively, with the flexibility of tweaking new details into it more efficiently.

Having said that, this 3D printed EV prototype may still be in its beginning stage, it may just be a start, we hope to see Maple Majesty proceeding to full production in the very near future.