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Protecting Doctors During the Covid-19 Pandemic

A product that would help save lives

Keeping doctors and nurses safe during these times is crucial as resources become limited and supplies continue to diminish.

We’ve heard it over and over now… distance, distance, distance… and while this is paramount for all of us, it is not an option for those working on the front lines.

Doctors and nurses are putting all their faith in their personal protective equipment in hopes to not contract the virus themselves.

While they are taking continuous steps of precaution, we are unfortunately still seeing an up rise in medical staff contracting the virus.

The transmission of the virus is a deep concern for doctors and nurses as it can still end up on their gowns, gloves and masks, which can then be easily transmitted into their bodies.

Dr. Ananth Ravi from Molli Surgical in Toronto, ON, has reached out to us to collaborate on a product that helps ensure the safety for medical workers who engage with patients that have COVID 19.

Under Dr. Ananth Ravi’s guidance we have created a shield barrier that covers a patients head. The shield greatly reduces the chances of the patient’s virus becoming airborne and in contact with the medical staff around them.

Virus Shield for Hospitals

The shield is designed to be easily disinfected and reused. The organic, round shape is key for preventing the chances of the virus getting trapped in any corners. The lower opening is covered with a disposable fabric that can be easily swapped out between each patient.

We’ve already seen hospitals creating make-shift barriers to address the issue of airborne transmission but we need help to raise awareness about this better solution.

In collaboration with Dr. ,Ananth Ravi from Molli Surgical – a partner of Sunnybrook Health Sciences Center.