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Reopen Safely with the COVID Hood

Does social distancing got you feeling down? Are you ready to transition from having drinks on the driveway to having drinks awkwardly at a restaurant? In challenging times like these I think we are all eager for a little more social interaction.

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Efforts are being made to slowly start getting back to the old times, times where you didn’t rely on your spouse to cut your hair or a computer screen to play blackjack.

In order to keep people safe as we begin to get more freedom, we have upped the production of our COVID hoods so they can be retrofitted for any purpose.

Whether it’s keeping people safe on a first date at a restaurant, getting your nails done by a professional or even just adding an extra layer of protection on an airplane or in a classroom – the COVID hood is here to help protect.

The hood is a great way to significantly reduce the chances of airborne transmission and can very easily be cleaned and disinfected. For more information on the COVID hoods or to fit them for your own application, please contact us at sales@customprototypes.ca

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