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This Holiday season – we produce smile

Every year at this time we try to put our skills to work to bring some smile on the face and spread the Christmas spirit.

So, when we got this request to make a better wheelchair break we took the challenge with delight.

The high end, titanium wheelchair looks cool and is well engineered. However, the breaks, seem to be built rather weak. This is why they fail frequently. To make things worse in today’s supply chain crisis the manufacturer simply can not replace it.

We took a look at the “toggle” mechanism and noticed that one of the plastic components can not take the repeated load. We have redesigned it, made it larger and used CNC machined aluminum to make a replacement.

Today we received this letter:

“This is a note to thank Custom Prototypes for customizing a brake for my wheelchair with very short notice…and to perfection! My brake broke while I was curling and I was in trouble. The manufacturer wasn’t going to be able to provide a brake in time before I left for my Christmas holiday. With a great deal of anxiety, and safety concerns, we reached out to Custom Prototypes and were taken care of.

Within a week, they replicated the broken component, customized the main part of my brake (wasn’t broken, but made of plastic…and the team made my new one out of metal), put it back together and I was back in action.

My worry was put at ease to enjoy my holiday.

I can’t tell you how much I appreciate it!”

Letters like that keep us going in those challenging times. A small thing making life better !

Happy Holidays !!!!