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Visit To Custom Prototypes – Students from Mexico enthralled by 3D printing

It was a great honour and opportunity for Custom Prototypes to provide a strong learning experience for a group of 45 students from Mexico. The visit was organized by ULinks, A Mexican organization dedicated to providing international industry and advanced manufacturing exposure to students in Mexico and across Latin America.

3D printing presentation

The visitors were from diverse backgrounds of Civil, Electrical, Mechanical, mechatronics and applied engineering. They expressed keen interest in 3D printing and enthusiastically participated in the presentation followed by many questions.

Students visit custom prototypes

The presentation provided detailed Company overview. 3D Printing service we offer, technologies and applications of metal 3D printing, how 3D scanning works and other manufacturing processes like CNC machining and Vacuum Forming. The most engaging part for the students was to see the part being printed in one of our SLA machines. We knew this would be a “wow” factor for students, because the process of 3D printing in itself is quite exciting and that truly reflected by their reactions. Our SLA room quite dazzled with the flash lights of cellphone pictures they took. The interactive session was concluded with a small token of 3D printed souvenirs distributed among the students.

Apart from offering 3D printing service, we have always tried to find ways by which this technology can truly benefit education and we hope the visit proved to be constructive and insightful for the international students. Custom Prototypes takes privilege in educating customers, students, individuals and communities on 3D printing as it truly is a global development which connects communities, transgresses border and is the future technology!