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We did it again

Remember the Faucet we 3D printed some 2 years ago? Click here to refresh the memory.

The water lily inspired, 3D printed bathroom faucet was a challenging project.

We pushed our powder bed metal 3D printer all the way to its limits. We managed to grow a quite complicated internal channel structure without any support whatsoever. This was achieved by optimizing the channel cross-section and by orientation of the part on the platform. Needless to say, we failed couple of times before we got what we wanted. The result was an organic looking water tap made exactly as per our customer’s vision. The process was challenging enough to qualify for AMUG technical competition. At the time we could not attend the conference due to Covid. So, we did last week. Guess what happened? Ta daaaaa!!!! We won!

Not only we won, but we also made a history. The Technical Competition Members Choice Award has been awarded for the first time at AMUG

1,900 industry professionals had the chance to choose their favorite from the record number of 32 entries.

After winning the technical competition in 2016 with the Van Gogh’s Starry Night and in 2018 with the Mark Anthony’s Helmet this is Custom Prototypes’ third win.