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We’ve Got You Covered – The Fight Against COVID-19

Supplying the Front-Line

We all know that maintaining distance is key for reducing the spread of the COVID-19 virus. The virus is so easily transmitted that even the slightest exposure to a cough can be enough to infect an entire room of people.

Unfortunately our front-line workers do not have the privilege of social distancing and are relying greatly on their equipment to keep themselves safe at work.

While most people understand inches and centimeters, envisioning microns is something we are not equipped to do.

The N95 masks that we are all hearing about can filter airborne particles down to the size of 0.1 microns. The mask is named after its effectiveness, which stands at 95%. While this may seem effective, a 5% failure rate is just too high of a risk.

Front-line workers need to have a secondary safety net if they want to really reduce the chances of contracting the virus themselves.

No one understands this problem like the team at Molli Surgical, who have been working endlessly around the clock to create a product solution.

While various companies are offering to step up to help with equipment shortages, these products still need to be approved by Health Canada in order to ever make it to a hospital.

This is where Molli Surgical’s expertise comes in. They understand the regulatory processes and have been diligently working to get a COVID incubation hood approved for production.

The COVID incubation hood is a simple yet effective solution for reducing transmission to our front-line workers. The hood simply goes over the patients head acting as a secondary line of defense.

The hood is formed out of PETG clear plastic making it extremely rigid, lightweight and stackable for easy

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